Pakistan’s pop singer Ali Azmat recently appeared on Ahmad Pansota’s show and talked about Pakistani Music and Arts. He also talked about the veteran singer Noor Jehan, a musical legend who is celebrated transnationally.

While Talking about the music industry of Pakistan’s transition over the years, the Jazba Junoon singer mentioned: “In my childhood, Noor Jehan used to sing on a show draped in Saari with big earrings and extra makeup on. We used to hate that woman.”

Passing ageist comments, he said: “Looked like a meatball, she was an old age woman at that time and we used to think that it’s not necessary for us to watch it.”


Noor Jehan’s grandson Ahmed Ali Butt also reacted to singer’s remarks about his grandmother.

Taking to Instagram, the Parey Hut Love actor shared a lovely throwback photo of Noor Jehan and responded to Ali Azmat’s comments, saying his recent remarks were just in ‘bad taste’ especially when that person is no longer alive.

He wrote “My Late Grandmother Madam Noor Jehan ‘Is’ the greatest artist of the subcontinent and that’s a fact.

“I have always respected Ali Azmat as an artist and as a friend. He is one of Pakistan’s biggest rock star, his outspoken attitude has always been his trademark but his recent remarks over Noor Jehan, were just in bad taste especially when that person is no longer alive.”

Meanwhile, Azmat took to Instagram and shared a video in which he said, “My respect, admiration and love for Madam and her family does not need any validation from people who edit old videos to create controversies.”