Amid the recent criticism on Prime Minister Imran Khan over his remarks on rape, musician Rohail Hyatt has come forward to defend the premier.

In a detailed Twitter thread, the musician said that PM Khan’s words were taken out of context and that he never said that rape is justified.

“As a leader he is simply speaking to us about the ground realities of what is around us,” said Hyatt. “Yes indeed there is a sickness out there and one can contest if the better solution is to target the oppressor as opposed to the oppressed.”


Hyatt added that as a father he would give similar advice to his child “to be mindful of how you dress in our society”.

“There’s a sad trend by a certain group to attack IK on all such matters, labelling him as a ‘right-minded’ individual,” continued Hyatt, saying that he sees him “closer to [the] centre”.

Elaborating his point further about extremist views, Hyatt said: “One wants to cover from head to toe and the other wants to strip-down from head to toe as a display of their preferences.”

The musician concluded by advising people to bring themselves to the middle ground and not get caught up with the play of either extremists.

Rohail in the past has shown his support for Imran Khan on various occasions.