Are rishta aunties looking for a suitable woman for men or do they want Miss Universe to become their bahu?

Rishta proposals that come to light are getting increasingly absurd. A tweet is going viral on the internet in which a woman shared a list of demands by an aunty. Included among the ludicrous list are demands that the girl must not have curly or short hair, must have completed her bachelors at the age of 22, as well as have no scars on her face or hands.

She should also have a “rosy glow” and light coloured eyes, with a concession made for hazel eyes.


Are you looking for a wife or for a robot, maam? And the sheer audacity of demanding unachievable perfectionism in a woman, while this man couldn’t even find a woman on his own? Twitter was in fits on how unabashed and demanding the rishta circus was for women.