In a significant corruption case, helicopter spare parts worth Rs7 billion were illegally cleared from the air freight units (AFUs) through a nexus involving Customs officials and clearing agents.

The Customs Collector Islamabad has responded to the exposure of the nexus by forming a new two-member committee to investigate the illegal clearance of the helicopter spare parts. The committee includes an additional collector headquarters and a deputy controller preventive, who will initiate a thorough investigation into the matter.

Prior to this, a previous probe committee had already exonerated the Customs officials, including a superintendent who had admitted to being on duty at the Royal Shade during the time of the alleged illegal clearance. However, with the emergence of new evidence, a fresh inquiry has become necessary to ensure transparency and accountability.


Separately, a Customs officer named Imran was suspended after a video of him demanding a bribe from a passenger at the Lahore airport went viral. In the video, the officer can be seen soliciting $100 from a Canada-bound passenger who was carrying $9,500, and he threatened to seize all the money if the passenger did not comply. According to Customs law, passengers are not allowed to carry $9,500 in currency abroad to prevent illicit transactions and money laundering.

Following the circulation of the video, the deputy collector customs took swift action by suspending the officer and directing him to report to headquarters, demonstrating the commitment to address misconduct and uphold integrity within the Customs department.

The exposure of the helicopter spare parts corruption case and the subsequent investigation by the newly-formed committee signify a strong stance against corruption and malpractices within the Customs department. As the inquiry progresses, it is expected that appropriate measures will be taken to hold those involved in the illegal clearance of the helicopter spare parts accountable.

The disciplinary actions taken against the Customs officer involved in bribery further emphasise the department’s dedication to ethical conduct in its operations.