Director Sarmad Khoosat’s latest film Kamli headlined by superstar Saba Qamar and newcomer Hamza Khawaja has been garnering positive word-of-mouth by cinemagoers which has translated into a steady second week at the box office.

The Khoosat Films venture has received a vast array of glowing reviews. Now, the film that has been touted by many to be one of the standout films that the country has produced, is pacing forward as more and more people flock to cinemas to see what the hype is about.

The weekend numbers for Kamli are:


Day 1 (Friday): 32 lacs

Day 2 (Saturday): 44 lacs

Day 3 (Sunday) : 42 lacs

Day 4 – Monday: 23 lacs

Day 5 – Tuesday: 21 lacs

Day 6 – Wednesday: 22 lacs

Day 7 – Thursday: 21 lacs

Week 1: 2.05 crore

Week 2: 1.47 crore

Total: 3.52 crore

The second week collection confirms financial recovery of the project through theatrical avenue.