Saba Qamar never shies away from sharing her opinions, whether on social media or in real life.

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The actor, in a recent social media post, raised a question which many Pakistanis had been asking over the past month: “Why is Sexify trending at number one on Netflix Pakistan during the Holy month of Ramzan?”


Awam toh humari bohut shareef hai phir yeh trending mein No 1 peh kyun hai?” questioned Saba.

Sexify, an eight-episode Polish series, is about budding software developer Natalia who knows a lot about programming and very little about sex. With her friends Monika and Paulina, she embarks on a quest to better understand the mysteries of the female orgasm and build an app that will win an inter-university competition and maybe, just maybe, serve the needs of her peers.

The series has a rating of 6.6 on IMDb.