Ever since the poor condition of animals at Karachi Zoo, particularly the ailing elephant Noor Jehan, has gone viral on social media, local and international wildlife activists have slammed authorities for neglecting their charges.

Several international activists have criticized Pakistani authorities for failing to care for Noor Jehan, sharing clips of the elephant lying on the ground. However, some tweets by international activists have ventured into the realm of racism.

Wildlife activist and artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto addressed international criticism in an Instagram post, reminding critics that despite government negligence, corruption and limited facilities, it was Pakistanis who stepped up to provide resources and raised calls to shut down the zoo and provide treatment for Noor Jehan.


“In a country as poor as ours – many have poured their hearts and soul into caring for Noor Jehan. Doctors from Agha Khan are attending to her wounds as we speak. Their first non-human patient. Yes she was cruelly neglected like many of the animals in the zoo are now. But it was Pakistanis who highlighted their suffering. Form Paw Pakistan to local activists. It was Pakistanis who advocated for the animals in the zoo.


Don’t blame the mahoots who are also victims of a cruel hierarchy. Don’t blame the volunteers staying up day in and day out – sacrificing the time they could be spending with their own families.”