Actor Sajal Aly is set to essay the late Fatima Jinnah in a series based on the Indo-Pak independence. Samiya Mumtaz and Sundus Farhan will also be playing Fatima Jinnah’s older portions. All the actresses will perform different phases of the life of Fatima Jinnah during the independence movement.

The writer and director of the series, Danial K Afzal says the prologue is ready for the series based on partition.

“The prologue teaser has three scenes, one of Bombay, one of the ’47 train carrying the beheaded corpses, and the third when she [Fatima Jinnah] stood for the elections,” said Afzal while talking to Dawn.


Each scene in the teaser corresponds to a consequent season. “It will be a series with three seasons and 15 episodes per season.” He explained the series is divided into three seasons. “The first season is going to be pre-independence, the second is going to be during the independence and the third will be post-independence,” said the director.

Afzal said that the series has been scripted entirely from the perspective of Fatima Jinnah and “we’ve only shot the prologue in which Sundus Farhan will play the pre-independence Fatima Jinnah, then the main chunk that is independence will be played by Sajal Aly and post-independence, the whole ’65 era, will be played by Samiya Mumtaz,” he explained.


Mader-e-Milat Fatima Jinnah was a key figure in the independence of Pakistan. Several movies have been made on partition and several actresses got to portray Fatima Jinnah but the biopic on her life specifically has never been made. It has been reported that it will be Sajal Aly (for the phase of age 50) who will depict her along with Samiya Mumtaz (for the age 70) and Sundus Farhan to showcase Jinnah in her 30s.

Dananeer Mobeen will also be seen in the series as a journalist from Bombay.

The series, which is being made by a new production house called Aur Studios, may have a TV release, but is mainly being targeted towards an OTT audience. The teaser is apparently all set to hit screens, but the prologue will release on 14th August.