Now that election mania is subsiding, another mania has taken over. People are closely following who will form the government. Actress Sajal Aly posted on Instagram about how things have been changing a lot recently in the political scene. “There have been many changes since the night till now”. In another story, she shared a song called “Laga Reh” by Shehzad Roy, which talks about Pakistan’s situation, its politicians and its people. Sajal praised Shehzad for being right about it all along and said, “Your concern was accurate. Sad,” tagging the singer.
Moreover, the actor found something positive in the situation. She wrote in Urdu, “However, the good news is that today, the entire nation is concerned about the country. Keep at it!”


But Sajal wasn’t the only one sharing her thoughts. Activist and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai also spoke up about the elections. She wrote, “Pakistan needs elections that are fair and honest. This means counting votes openly and respecting the results.”