Federal Minister for Science & Technology Fawad Chaudhry has revealed that he was earning way more as a television anchor and by practicing law in the past than at present as a minister.

“A minister’s salary is Rs345,000, out of which the house rent is Rs90,000. We are paid Rs255,000 after that,” he tweeted while replying to a person who had asked him his salary amid massive budget cuts by the government.

His salary at present is way less than the one he received as a television anchor for a private media outlet, as a known fact is how stalwarts like Fawad earn in millions while hosting shows.


The same has been confessed by Fawad himself earlier. Speaking to a private media outlet in October 2018, he had said his income as a minister is way less than what he was getting as an anchor.

When asked if he has any regrets after assuming office as a minister now that he doesn’t get any time to perform other duties, Fawad had said, “It is true that we have hefty engagements as ministers but our salaries are also very low.”