Samsung Semiconductor is propelling mobile device technology forward with its latest advancements in non-volatile memory.

After successfully integrating the UFS 4.0 solution into its previous flagship models such as the Galaxy S23 series and the 2023 foldable phones, followed by the latest Galaxy S24 lineup, Samsung is now gearing up for the next phase.

In a recent announcement on the social media platform Weixin, Samsung Semiconductor unveiled its roadmap for the evolution of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) solutions.


According to the roadmap, Samsung is set to introduce the UFS 4.0 4-lane CS next year, with a significant leap to UFS 5.0 anticipated in 2027.

These advancements promise substantial improvements in data transfer speeds, with UFS 4.0 4-lane expected to double the current speed from approximately 4GB/s to 8GB/s.

Looking further ahead, the highly anticipated UFS 5.0 update, slated for 2027, aims to push speeds even higher, potentially exceeding 10GB/s.

Samsung Semiconductor is committed to commencing mass production of UFS 4.0 4-lane solutions before 2025, emphasizing the integration of two UFS controllers to enhance sequential read speed.

These advancements are poised to revolutionize mobile experiences, offering faster loading times and empowering on-device AI applications.

While Samsung has not disclosed specific models set to adopt the UFS 4.0 4-lane technology first, speculation suggests it could be integrated into the Galaxy S25 series.

Moreover, UFS 5.0 is expected to debut alongside future Galaxy S27 models, promising an even more seamless user experience.

In line with these technological advancements, Samsung is also exploring AI-based features for its next-generation devices, potentially introducing some through a subscription-based model.