Soon after the release of the Galaxy S22 series, a source claimed that Samsung had begun “Project Diamond” development on the Galaxy S23 series. More details regarding the company’s upcoming flagship devices are now becoming available months later.

Samsung will reportedly update the selfie camera in the vanilla and larger editions of the forthcoming Galaxy S series phones, according to a claim by GalaxyClub. The business has been utilising the same front-facing camera since 2019 for those who are unaware.

The same 10MP selfie camera is included in every Galaxy S series phone (apart from Ultra variants), from the Galaxy S10 series to the Galaxy S22 series. Apparently, this will finally change with the coming generation.


According to the rumour, Samsung would equip the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus with a 12MP front-facing camera. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s selfie camera is not mentioned in any way. A 40MP front-facing camera has been standard on Ultra variants up to this point.

The Galaxy S23 series’ 12MP selfie camera’s placement underneath the display or inside a punch-hole is unknown at this time. We anticipate learning more information about the devices in the upcoming months as their release is still over a year away.