Samsung revealed its 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor in September of last year, however the tremendous sensor has yet to be utilised in a gadget. That could change in July with the release of a forthcoming Motorola handset, and Samsung has released a video highlighting the sensor’s prowess.

The video’s intention is to demonstrate the level of clarity that the HP1 sensor can sustain. Whereas no mobile was utilised to indicate the new sensor, it was connected to a Frankenstein rig complete with a device, external display, and an additional lens, allowing a group of Samsung engineers to catch some detailed cat photographs.

After that, the final 200 MP image was still reproduced on a commercial printer. A massive canvas composed of twelve separate 2.3-meter-long pieces stitched together and hung from a building. Of course, the photographers behind the scenes optimised and adjusted the actual photo. The main point to remember is that you can zoom and crop images without compromising details captured.


Samsung’s HP1 sensor features an all-new pixel clustering technology identified as ChamelonCell, which can group up to sixteen pixels in a wide range of resolutions ranging from 12.5MP stills with a 2.56m pixel pitch to 50MP stills (1.28m pixels) or natively at 200MP (0.64m pixels) based on ones requirements.