After ruling the morning show scene for years, Sanam Jung has turned entrepreneur launching her own fragrance line called Sanam Jung Fragrances.

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Sharing the news on social media, the actor gave a glimpse of her first collection, discussing her obsession with perfumes and how excited she is about her new venture.


“So there you have it, I have introduced my own fragrance line,” said Sanam. “I’ve always been a perfume connoisseur, and launching my own fragrance collection was a lifelong ambition of mine.”

“Sanam Jung Fragrances has finally arrived!”

Jung further said: “To inaugurate this venture I have created three scents that have been able to truly capture my essence and all that I love about perfumes now all you have to do is try them out.”

Jung also thanked everyone who helped her in launching the product and those who helped design the campaign.

The three perfumes in the collection include Mystic Fall, Heavenly Divine and Forever Crush. Sanam also described the scents in detail on her website.

“Lasting in women’s perfumes is always an issue and that’s exactly the problem my Mystic Fall perfume fixes. Its beautiful woody and floral notes create a hypnotic scent that simply doesn’t fade,” said Sanam while talking about Mystic Fall.

Describing Heavenly Divine, Jung said: “I designed this perfume to be a sharp hit of fruits and essence. It’s refreshing notes of peach, rose and vanilla deliver an aromatic aroma perfect in every way.”

Meanwhile, Forever Crush “is a nice, light scent. A fragrance that communicates glamour in a subtle way. Forever Crush has been designed with the softest floral elements that deliver a truly unique scent.”

Sanam Jung Fragrances are not yet available in stores but those interested can visit the brand’s website to place their order.