Award winning director Sarmad Khoosat had a bad run in with hospital administration and he’s venting out anger.

He recently spoke out about a frustrating experience at a hospital, sharing on Instagram that he was scolded for wearing knee-length shorts while visiting the medical facility. Khoosat questioned why hospitals should control what visitors wear, especially when they’re just there to see someone, not for treatment. He recalled being asked to change into old, uncomfortable pants pulled from a dusty drawer by a guard.

The actor criticized what he saw as unnecessary policing, saying, “The policing and moral policing in this country are like a circus.” He pointed out how silly it is to worry about clothing instead of taking care of patients in a hospital, saying, “I hope they don’t judge patients by their clothes.”


Khoosat found it ironic that he was stopped because there were women around, sarcastically saying, “Can I ask the ladies to focus on their loved ones’ health instead of worrying about me?”

His experience highlights bigger issues about personal freedom and unfair rules in public places. He hopes for more sensible rules in hospitals and everywhere else.

On his Instagram story, Sarmad Khoosat wrote, “In what world are hospitals supposed to police what you are wearing? Not here for treatment but to meet a patient only. I was wearing shorts (not too short either – knee length), and the management told me to either go back or wear these pants, which emerged from a guard’s dusty drawer. The fit and the look of them would have made me look vulgar. I hope they don’t treat patients in wards and rooms based on their clothes. It’s a hospital for god’s sake. This country’s policing and moral policing are truly a circus. The guard said, “There are ladies inside!” May I please request the said ladies to focus on their loved one’s health and treatment and not be tempted by me? Not naming the hospital because I am sure such ridiculous laws are the easiest and quickest to implement across the country. Also: I entered through the emergency gate and the guard didn’t even bother asking me if I had an emergency or not.”