A Saudi court has sentenced an expatriate to five years in prison and imposed a fine of 150,000 Saudi Riyal for harassing a woman. This is equal to 1,10,89,928 rupees in Pakistan. As part of a new policy of publicly naming the harassers, Saudi security authorities have released the name of the expat to enhance transparency and accountability within the legal process.

The Public Prosecution, after concluding its investigation with its Public Morality wing, referred the case to the judiciary, advocating for the maximum penalties allowable under the law.

The harasser was arrested and brought to trial. The court upheld the stringent measures proposed by the prosecution, reported Gulf News.


Under the provisions of the Anti-Harassment Law in Saudi Arabia, any sexual utterance, act, or gesture that violates another person’s body, honour, or modesty, whether through direct interactions or modern technologies, is subject to punishment.