The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has reported a decrease of $173 million in its foreign exchange reserves on a weekly basis, revealing a total of $8.04 billion as of February 2, according to data released on Thursday.

The country’s overall liquid foreign reserves are reported to stand at $13.09 billion, with commercial banks holding net foreign reserves amounting to $5.05 billion.

The SBP has identified debt repayments as the primary factor contributing to the decline in reserves. In an official statement, the SBP stated, “During the week ending on 2-Feb-2024, SBP’s reserves decreased by US$ 173 million to US$ 8,044.0 million due to debt repayments.”


This follows a trend from the previous week when Pakistan’s central bank reserves experienced a decrease of $54 million. The ongoing challenges related to debt servicing continue to impact the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.