The Supreme Court (SC) has given orders to authorities to take strict action against those officials who issued construction permits to build the illegal 15-storeyed Nasla Tower on Monday.

A two-judge bench comprising Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Qazi Mohammad Amin ordered the anti-corruption department to register a case against those who are responsible for the issuance of construction permits. They also directed the police to file a separate case against them.

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) West has been given instructions to take immediate action against the officials who had approved the Nasla Tower building plan and present a report to the Supreme Court.



The Supreme court also ordered to seize the 780 square yards of the land the tower was constructed upon and directed the official assignee of Sindh High Court (SHC) to take possession of the land and prohibit its sale.

The Chief Justice also expressed his anger over the slow pace of the demolition procedure of the Nasla Tower. He asked Karachi Commissioner Iqbal Memon, “Such a building is torn down within one hour in the world. What are you people doing?”

The Karachi Commissioner replied that five floors have been demolished so far and currently 400 labourers are working on the given task.