Make-up Artist Natasha Khalid recently opened up about juggling a career with motherhood, giving her followers an insight into what her typical day looks like.

“I’m routinely asked in comments and DMs about how it is I juggle everything I do so perfectly while looking good ‘all the time’,” said Natasha posting a picture of herself with her baby in her PJs. “My husband took this picture of me on an average night and this is my reality 99% of the time.”

The makeup artist continued: “Juggling baby duties while meeting deadlines, running masterclasses/student corrections, planning YouTube shoots, reworking Instagram/Facebook content while also planning home/baby schedules/duties is gruelling most days and I tend to get most of my work done at night once Noor sleeps as that is when I can quiet my mind to focus.”


“I tend to predominantly be in oversized pyjamas with a curly top knot and no makeup,” said Natasha further, adding: “In most of what I juggle and do, my time takes a major hit.”

Natasha said that the reason why she shares these snippets is “because it’s so easy to believe looking at a certain angle that we see on social media that people may have it ‘together’ or may not ‘struggle at all’.”

“What seems seamless is due to perfect lighting/filters but is all an illusion,” added Natasha. “Being a working woman and a wife/Mama and your own person is a full-time job and to me, this picture right here is what is ‘imperfectly perfect.”

“For all those women who follow me and find themselves in the same boat, remember this is reality and the rest of it is fun but always a curated illusion,” said the makeup artist.

Mahira Khan, who is single mother, commented on Natasha’s post saying: “I want a baby, [in] my arms.”

Other mothers also thanked Natasha in the comments section for sharing her experience and giving them confidence and support.

Last year, after giving birth Natasha shared an endearing message for all new mothers out there highlighting body positivity and the pressure women face after giving birth.