Just a few months after receiving critical acclaim for Season One, Hum TV’s beloved drama ‘Fairy Tale’ is back with a second season. The series, penned by Sarah Majeed, revolves around the energetic, fun-loved Umeed Pasha (played by Sehar Khan), a middle class girl who dreams of getting rich. Farjaad Khan (played by Hamza Sohail), her complete opposite in many ways, finds her naiveness opposing with his stiff and cold demeanor, but slowly comes to fall in love with her.

The first season wrapped in April, with fans across India and Pakistan showering praise on the powerful female lead, the romance and the stellar script writing. The overwhelming praise

Newcomers Hamza and Sehar were taken aback by the meteoric rise of the show, while in an interview with Fuchsia, Ali Safina admitted being shocked by how popular the show was.


In this season, Umeed and Farjaad are more in love than they were previously, as she gears up to start her career as well as being married to Farjaad. The story wouldn’t be memorable without hilarious road blocks between our beloved kharoos and his larki right? The fanbase has not gone anywhere, already heaping praise on the first episode.