A woman in UAE has asked for divorce because her husband loves her a lot and is too obedient.

Most women would not want any other type of husband — one who cooks, cleans and does not argue at all! But a wife in the UAE has sought divorce for this very reason!

Apparently, she felt choked by his affection and wants to divorce him. She says her husband’s love was choking her.


“He never yelled at me or turned me down,” the woman told the court.

“I was choked by extreme love and affection. He even helped me clean the house.”

In their year-long marriage, the husband sometimes cooked for her and there were no disputes.

The wife complained that her life turned into “hell”. Why? Because the husband was so good to her.

“I long for one day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with gifts.

“I need a real discussion, even an argument, not this hassle-free life of obedience.”

The husband said he did nothing wrong. “I wish to be a perfect and kind husband,” he said.

The husband has asked the court to advise his wife to withdraw the case.

“It’s not fair to judge a marriage from the first year, and everybody learns from their mistakes.”

The court ordered the adjournment of the case to give the couple a chance at reconciliation.