Former television host Amir Liaqat took to Twitter to reclaim his grievances against Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

Liaquat tweeted, “PM met every member but not have a time for the ICON of Karachi, the man who got a seat for PTI from the most crucial constituency, defeated my old senior college [colleague], Farooq Sattar.”

“I have defended PM and First Lady (Bhabhj) every time but he have no time, it is ok?” tweeted Liaquat.



Making an appearance at the National Assembly (NA) this morning, Liaquat while talking to Journalist Azaz Syed said, “I have not come on my own, I was especially called to NA.”

On October 4, Liaquat resigned from Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI).

“Resigned from the National Assembly. May Allah Almighty support Imran Khan and PTI. Good-Bye,” Liaquat said in a tweet.