In a resolute effort to address the dire situation in Gaza, the Senate of Pakistan has passed a resolution, urging the Muslim Ummah to actively intervene and provide urgent assistance to innocent Muslims caught in the crossfire of the Gaza-Israel conflict.

The resolution, tabled by Senator Irfan Siddiqui, highlighted the collective silence of the Muslim world, emphasizing the need for immediate action to curb the escalating violence.

During the impassioned debate, Senator Siddiqui expressed disappointment over the lack of proactive measures from influential organizations like the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), urging them to stand up to Israel.


He underscored the stark contrast between the vast geographic expanse of Muslim-populated lands and the Israeli state, yet the discrepancy in action remained striking.

During his address to the Senate session, Caretaker Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani raised concerns about the broadening extent of Israeli attacks, encompassing the West Bank and other areas, and expressed alarm regarding the loss of lives resulting from continued bombardments in Gaza strip and beyond.

Jilani highlighted that the United Nations has compared Gaza to a “graveyard” due to the substantial loss of life.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed took to X (former Twitter) and said, “Drafted unanimous resolution passed by Senate of Pakistan regarding GazaGenocide! Took a strong position reflecting full, unwavering & unconditional on supporting Palestine & beleaguered children, women & men of Gaza!”

Office of the Chairman Senate’s account tweeted, “I, strongly condemn the reprehensible airstrike on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp by Israeli Terrorists. The senseless and barbaric act of taking innocent women and children’s lives is a horrific atrocity that shocks the conscience of humanity.”

Moreover, Senator Saadia Abbasi and Nisar Ahmed Khuhro emphasized Pakistan’s unwavering solidarity with Palestine, condemning the establishment of the state of Israel as illegal and underscoring the historical context of Pakistan’s support for the Palestinian cause.

Senator Hafiz Abdul Kareem made his speech in Arabic, after obtaining special permission granted by the Chairman of the Senate.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan made a speech to appreciate the people of Hamas and Gaza.

Their unified voices condemned the ongoing violence as nothing short of the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people.

The resolution was supported by a heartfelt speech delivered in Arabic by Senator Hafiz Abdul Kareem, condemning the atrocities committed by Israel.

Additionally, senators urged the expulsion of Israeli diplomats from Islamic countries, expressing the belief that such a move could pave the way for the resolution of the Palestine issue.

Amidst the session, the Senate Chairman emphasized the significance of preserving the resolution in the Senate records, solidifying Pakistan’s commitment to the cause.

The senators called for increased financial and humanitarian aid to be extended to the embattled people of Palestine.

In a gesture of solidarity, Senator Ahmed Omar Ahmadzai strongly denounced the killing of innocent civilians and children in Gaza, emphasizing the need for active protection from Muslim countries.

Saleem Mandviwalla commended the Turkish President’s support for the Palestinian people, while Muhammad Qasim highlighted the alarming scale of the atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians, labeling it as nothing short of genocide.

This resolution serves as a testament to Pakistan’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and its commitment to seeking justice and peace for the affected people of Gaza.