A bill seeking amendments to the Elections Act 2017 was passed by the Senate on Friday. As per the amendment, in cases where the duration of disqualification has not been specifically outlined, a person’s disqualification to run for provincial or central legislatures will not exceed five years.

Any individual who is disqualified by a court ruling shall be excluded for a maximum of five years from the day the judgment is made public. The period of disqualification under Article 62(1)(f) cannot exceed five years.

The Elections (Amendment) Bill 2023 was moved by State Minister Shahadat Awan .


Another key amendment brought forth by the bill is the revision of 57(1) and 58(1)57(1) and 58(1) of the Election Act. The amendments give power to the Election Commission of Pakistan to announce election dates on its own.

The amendments are as follow:

Section 57(1): The commission shall announce the date or dates of the general elections by notification in the official gazette and shall call upon the constituencies to elect their representatives.

Section 58: Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 57, the commission may at any time after the issuance of notification under subsection (1) of that section make such alterations in the election programme announced in that notification for the different stages of the election or may issue a fresh election programme with fresh poll date(s) as may in its opinion to be recorded in writing be necessary for the purposes of this act.