Good news for this year’s pilgrims, as Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Senator Mr Muhammad Talha Mahmood has announced that after his tremendous hard work the Arrangement for Hajj 2023 has been successfully completed and pilgrims who participated in the government scheme will not incur additional costs for their sacrifices. Senator faced alot of obstacles to achieve this but with a clear vision and dedication he made it happen. With the constant efforts by the Senator, Pilgrims who had previously paid extra costs under the government scheme have been refunded successfully.

Mr. Muhammad Talha Mahmood ensured all arrangements and facilities for the pilgrims under his supervision by working day and night. After countless meetings, committee hearings, and several interactions, the Senator made it happen. Furthermore, Hajj assistants will be responsible for offering food, accommodation, transportation and medical facilities to the Pakistani pilgrims. They will depart to Saudia Arabia in different groups along with the pilgrims.If it wasn’t for Mr.

Muhammad Talha Mahmood, these productive changes in the arrangements of the Hajj wouldn’t be possible.


The Senator emphasized the crucial role of Hajj assistants, who will accompany pilgrims in different batches to Saudi Arabia. These assistants have been entrusted with the responsibility of providing essential services such as food, accommodation, transportation, and medical facilities to the Pakistani pilgrims. Their presence and expertise will help alleviate any concerns pilgrims may have, allowing them to focus solely on their spiritual journey.

Pakistan has been granted a quota of 179,000 pilgrims for this year’s Hajj. Among them, 85,000 pilgrims will perform Hajj in the public sector, while 89,000 will do so in the private sector. This allocation signifies the significance Pakistan holds in the global Muslim community, as well as the Senator’s commitment to ensuring that a broad spectrum of pilgrims can benefit from the government’s initiatives.

Another initiative was taken by the Senator for the convenience of the Hajj pilgrims. Pilgrims leaving from Pakistan will be able to do the immigration at their respective airports. This will allow the official Hajj pilgrims to save time after arriving in the kingdom as they would be fulfilling all the immigration requirements at the airport of origin.

Furthermore, the Senator has launched a complaint portal for all the participants where they can easily file complaints or make any suggestions. This new initiative was funded by the Senator personally, to efficiently solve, manage and receive the complaints. More than 10,000 complaints by Pilgrims were registered on the portal already and they were solved efficiently by

the Senator. The senator emphasized that any negligence done by the pilgrim’s assistants would not be tolerated.