Pakistani celebrities should stick to their day jobs of making cringe worthy dramas and films, rather than sharing their totkay about how to make marriages last and tips on how to keep their susral happy.

Muneeb Butt made news yesterday when he revealed that they did not have a chef, because his wife Aiman Khan cooks during Ramazan, stating that it improves the emotional connection between wife and husband.

Jee sir, humein batain aap nay kya kiya hai jis say aap ki marriage mein emotional connection improve hui? Or is it just women who need to work to keep the spark alive.



Sadly, this wasnt the only time celebrities did not think before speaking. We have witnessed a spectacle of events in the past few years of some cringe-inducing home making and housewifery tips from the mouths of the leading public figures of Pakistan.

Like the time model Sadaf Kanwal lectured women on how to become their hubby’s nanny by cleaning up after him because obviously feminism and Aurat March is breaking up our families.

Or the time Sanam Saeed stepped in to suggest that every woman should give their husband the same attention as they would provide to a child. Video courtesy of ARY DIGITAL

Let’s not forget the moment when veteran actress Meera tried to prove her cooking skills with a 35 minute recipe that involved clean water, olive oil and thora sa namak. Video courtesy of Samaa

Or if you need a tip on how to woo your wife on national television? Agha Ali has the best advice. Video courtesy of ARY DIGITAL.

Ya phir any advice on how to pick your ideal man? Hira Mani has the best tip which involves back stabbing your best friend. Video courtesy of BOL Network.

How to ensure women are respected in their homes and not treated as domestic labor? Nida Yasir thought she was hitting the jackpot when she decided to invite saas and their bahus on national television and encourage them to reveal their petty critiques to everyone. Video courtesy of Ary Digital.