The Lion King’s live-action remake is releasing in a few days and needless to say everyone is excited. A few days back it was revealed that Shahrukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan will be doing the voiceover for Mufasa and Simba respectively for the Hindi version of the film. And naturally, anything that has SRK associated with it gets us excited. However, there is one person who is not happy with this news: Shaan.

To be honest, Shaan is pretty hard to impress anyway, but yaar Shahrukh Khan say kaun nai impress hota. Khair Shaan decided to voice his displeasure in a series of tweets.

When someone told him not to watch the film, he responded, “Then don’t release it in Pakistan.”


People started calling out Shaan for his comments and said that he is jealous of SRK.

Someone went onto say that Shaan is “always bitter.”

One person commented that Shaan is obsessed with SRK.

A Twitter user dragged in Shaan’s Arth 2, which was a box-office failure.

Wow, Shaan really is active on Twitter. He practically responded to each user who criticised him. He was even defending Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government at the same time. Looks like he has plenty of free time on his hands aaj kal.