President Arif Alvi’s recent comments calling for the revival of arts and preserving of culture in Pakistan have upset Shaan Shahid. As of recent, the actor has regularly been tweeting to the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan to improve and promote the field of art and cinema in the country.

When President Arif Alvi called for promoting arts and preserving culture, Shaan responded, “Saying only…not doing anything about it.”

According to the media report to which Shaan had responded, President Alvi had laid stress on the promotion of arts and crafts through adequate preservation of the rich diversity of Pakistani culture and assured his support in this regard. Referring to the Islamic and European Renaissance, the president observed that civilizations could only prosper by promoting arts, crafts and architecture.


Meanwhile, here’s a look at Shaan’s efforts to work on the revival of arts and culture.