Shaan, who often voices his political and other opinions on Twitter, recently took to the social media app and appealed to everyone to support the rupee and defend it from “economic attacks.”

He asked his fans and followers to buy back the rupee “no matter how little or how big” and play their role in helping the falling economy.

Shaan later went onto share that he exchanged his $5000 for rupees.


Needless to say, Shaan’s suggestion was trolled by many.

However, that did not deter Shaan, who further clarified his suggestion, telling the trolls to “retain the currency and buy Pakistani products with them.” In case you still didn’t get it, Shaan is basically asking people not to hoard dollars.

On Tuesday, the US Dollar reached an all-time high of Rs. 153.50 in the interbank market. What do you think of Shaan’s suggestion?