As the number of Palestinians killed in Israel’s bombing of Gaza continues to rise, Pakistani musicians are coming together for a fundraiser to help provide humanitarian aid for the strip.

Shae Gill, Natasha Noorani, Maanu and five other artists are performing at a fundraiser at COLABS campus in Gulberg. COLABS announced on their Instagram account that the event will be held on October 27, with all proceeds from the event going to Anera Organisation in order to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

Commenting under their post, the organisation mentioned the event will include a panel talk with Palestinians settled in Pakistan who are innvolved in taking the initiative forward.


“COLABS as a brand understands the sensitivity of the cause, and initiates a dialogue of how companies can do their part to raise funds.

Sounds of Solidarity with Gaza is a first of its kind fundraiser where we host events that support a cause that we truly believe in. We have gathered artists from around the city who believe in the cause and can leverage their influence to raise funds for millions of people affected in Gaza, where humanitarian aid is severely limited.

100% of the proceeds will be going directly to Anera Organization, to provide urgent aid to affected families amidst the unfolding crisis in Gaza. The fundraiser will be covering a panel talk with Palestinians settled in Pakistan who are helping us take this initiative forward, followed by artist performances using their art and talent to create an impact.

We urge people to donate however they feel comfortable and join the cause.”