It turns out Shah Rukh Khan was fated to become an entertainer because even when he wasn’t famous, he could move people with his wit and charm. An X (formerly Twitter) user posted an essay written by the Bollywood Badshah when he was in college.

The “Badshah” actor began the essay by hilariously writing that without going into details about his “bed-pan habits” or other interesting facts about his “urinating styles”, he could safely say he had a happy childhood.

The actor reminiscences about how cheeky he was as a child: “My actions at the age of 5 years were of those of any other kid down the block-winking at girls of the Manavsthali School, throwing flying kisses at aunts 6-7 times my age, and dancing to the tune of Chakke pe Chakka.”


The essay also talks about the actor’s interest in sports, including football, hockey and cricket. The ‘Pathaan’ actor wrote about how he was chosen to be a wicket keeper for cricket matches, played centre, forward for hockey and also received the ‘Best Player Award’ at the All Delhi Schools Hockey Competition. In football, Shah Rukh says he was the captain of the school team for the Youth Review Soccer Tournament.

The essay went viral on Twitter, moving social media users with its wit and elegant prose