On Tuesday police forces were deployed at Imran Khan’s house in Lahore to arrest him for avoiding court hearings under the ongoing Toshakhana case, leading to several clashes between police and protestors.

Celebrities like Haroon Shahid expressed their support for Imran Khan, however he was criticized on Twitter for mocking a policeman who was injured at the protests. YouTuber Shehzad Ghias shared a screenshot of the tweet on his Twitter account. YouTuber Mooro sent him a threat in reply which sparked backlash.

Mooro had defended his stance by saying that Ghias had been threatening his friends for a long time and ‘playing the victim’ all along.


“Here is my position, its not about politics, this man, shehzad has embarassed and has been trolling my friends with his toxic tweets and false allegations over the years while holding a moral high ground and pretending to be victim and innocent its a ploy to gain attention.”


To which Ghias responded by saying that he had spoken out against Ukhaano, another YouTuber who had harassment and sexual assault allegations against him, which he will stand by.

“He has blocked me so no clue why he is continuing to tweet about at me. Saw the screenshot of his tweet though. He’s talking about the harassment and assault allegations against Ukhano. I stand by everything I’ve said”

Twitter users criticized Mooro’s insensitive language and for refusing to condemn a fellow PTI supporter trolling an injured policeman online.