Veteran actress Juveria Abbasi’s daughter Anzela Abbasi recently got married in a lavish ceremony to Tashfeen Ansari, however many were quick to point out that her father, Shamoon Abbasi, was not present during the ceremony.

Abbasi posted a cryptic note on his Instagram stories during the wedding, writing about wanting to remove “shameless people” from his life:

“I never wanted to be attached or known to have anything with impudent and immodest, shameless people in my life and never I will… no matter what my relationship with them I prefer to stay away from them no matter what!”


The couple divorced after ten years together, after which the actress has been vocal about how she loves being single during an interview with Fuchsia Magazine:

“Our society loves telling women that they cannot survive in this world if they don’t have a husband to take care of them. But I don’t encourage this kind of thought process because it was not difficult for me at all. I have a good job from where I earn a good amount which allows me to have a comfortable lifestyle and also take care of my daughter. I’m proud of the person she has become since she’s well educated, well groomed and now is also working as an actress.”

Many users expressed anger at how publicly Shamoon was disowning his daughter and creating controversy on a special day. However, celebrities like Shahood Alvi, Ushna Shah came forward to publicly praise Juvaria for raising her daughter to become an accomplished, beautiful woman. Alvi praised Abbasi for going through all the tough times and coming out to be an even stronger, confident woman in spite of all that she has undergone:

“I’ve always witnessed you being a great single parent, the amount of love and support you’ve shown her throughout life even after undergoing all the pain and challenges. Now that you’ve wedded her off in a great family. I’m so proud of you because I saw you struggle everyday and in your worst times, which is why i’m extremely thrilled for you! You’ve done a great job dost!”

Actress Ushna Shah praised Juvaria for raising Anzeela all on her own as a single mother, and making her into a strong, king and well-rounded person:

“I know what it means for a single mother to wed her daughter to the best of her ability, I saw how happy it made my mother and I saw how happy it had made you.”

Social media users also praised Juvaria’s grace and strong-spirit to refuse to let her bitter ex-husband’s resentment destroy such an important day for her daughter, as one user lamented how society doesn’t acknowledge the strengths of single mothers

Other’s came forward to defend Anzala’s choice of wedding outfits, pointing out that this was her special day and its about time people stopped telling brides how they should dress up on their big day!