Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif on the occasion of golden jubilee of the 1973 Constitution, took to Twitter and said that the ‘sacred document had weathered many storms over the past 50 years and held the federation together.’

“The nation today commemorates the Golden Jubilee of the 1973 Constitution, a sacred document that has weathered many storms over the past 50 years & held the federation together. We pay our rich tribute to the framers of the Constitution for their political foresight,” tweeted the PM.

“Constitution of Pakistan continues to be central to shaping our national character, identity & future trajectory. Time has come to place Parliament at the core of national life both in letter & spirit. Rules of the game framed in light of the Constitution show us the way forward.”


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that April 10 has always been a historic day for Pakistan.

“It is the day in 1973 when we got our constitution. In 1986 SMBB received her historic welcome in Lahore. It is the day in 2022 when for the first time VONC was successful; selected was rejected & ejected by parliament,” tweeted Bilawal.

The National Assembly (NA), under the leadership of Speaker Raja Pervez Asharf, is all set to celebrate 50 years of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

The month-long celebrations are set to commemorate the country’s charter with a series of events that will commence on April 10. The celebrations will be followed by a joint session of the Parliament, scheduled for 2pm.