Actor Kubra Khan announced on her social media page on Thursday that she was officially filing a case against Adil Farooq Raja, who runs the twitter and Youtube account @soliderspeaks. In her post, Khan revealed that these past four days were incredibly difficult for her and her family, after she suffered from ferocious bullying and watched her pictures being used inappropriately.

The actress further elaborated that she was exercising her constitutional rights as a Pakistani and relying on the law to protect her own dignity, as well as other hard working, independent women who were facing the same slander. Here is her full statement:

“The past four days.. have been so difficult for me and my family that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain in words. I couldn’t wrap my head around as to why anyone would do this to me.. even after it was clarified that my name or initials were misinterpreted why was I still getting bullied so ferociously. Even before I reacted.. why were my pictures being used in such a inappropriate manner.. and then I realized.. because no one’s ever put a stop to it. Because we’re so used to being quiet. Until this story die, another arises to do the same damage just because we didn’t speak up. But enough is enough
So This is me, exercising my constitutional rights as a Pakistani and relying on our law to protect my dignity and this is me saying what I want to say for all the hard working independent woman out there who are insulted daily. I’m not gonna stand here and say I stood up for every woman out there but I will say that I stood up so that from now on if a situation like this arises, every woman and man out there knows that standing up for yourself is your RIGHT!


So now.. I leave it in your hands, Our law Implementors and God’s Hands. I rest my case.”

The actress had also posted a picture of the order of Sindh High Court to PTA and FIA to remove the offensive content and pictures related to Khan.

On her Instagram account, other Lollywood actors like Usman Mukhtar, who had previously worked with Khan in Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay, and celebrities like Osman Khalid Butt, Yumna Ziadi and Aima Baig sent their love and support to the actress.