A circuit bench of the Sindh High Court has come up with a rather novel solution to curb dog biting incidents in Sindh.

According to Justice Aftab Ahmed, the lawmakers of the respective area will be suspended in case of a dog biting incidents.

Responding to the judge’s remarks, the public prosecutor said that MPAs have nothing to do with dog biting incidents. To which the judge replied that it is the job of the MPAs to protect their constituents.


The judge went on to add that the MPAs would also be barred from voting in the Senate election over the dog biting incidents. It also warned that the concerned officers would be penalised and their salaries would be suspended if such incidents continued to happen.

During the hearing, the government officers also presented reports on which the court expressed discontent. The high court adjourned the hearing till March 16.

In October, the SHC bench expressed displeasure over rising dog-bite incidents in the province and ordered that FIR be registered against the concerned municipal officer if any case would be reported.