Sindh police have arrested the alleged killer, Ashraf Brohi who killed Samaa’s journalist Athar Mateen on February 18 in Karachi. The incident took place when the journalist came across two men robbing a citizen at gunpoint. To prevent the mugging, he banged his car into the suspects’ motorcycle.

Sindh Minister of Information and Human Resource Department, Senator Saeed Ghani posted an update related to the murder case on his Twitter.

He wrote, “Sindh police has arrested a man named Ashraf who was involved in the murder of Samaa’s journalist Athar Mateen. Insha’Allah, the killer will be punished according to the law. The diligent efforts of the police in this whole case are commendable and in the same way, the confidence of the people in Sindh Police will increase.”


The journalist’s brother, Tariq Mateen told to Samaa that he received a phone call from Senator Saeed Ghani. He updated him about the arrest of Ashraf Brohi.

He also stated that the police have found some important details through which they will arrest the second killer soon.

“Officials have claimed that the second suspect will soon be arrested as well,” he added.


The Sindh police identified the suspect with the help of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) on February 26. Ashraf Brohi hails from Khuzdar, Balochistan. He was arrested when he was in the city of Hub.

Police have obtained all criminal records of Ashraf Brohi. He was involved with a criminal gang comprising of 12 members in Balochistan. They were involved in snatching motorcycles and cars. The group primarily does activities in Hub and other parts of the province. He was once arrested in 2021 but he was released after bail.