Sindh police has launched an operation against motorists using bogus green and blue government license plates. The police will monitor different roads in Karachi and punish anyone found running a vehicle with a fake or unauthorised registration plate.

Following the Inspector-General’s (IG) directives, Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon Sindh Police have started a campaign against those who have phoney green and blue number plates on their cars.

The IG gave the go-ahead to commence a crackdown on bogus green and blue license plates on July 25, but monsoon rains caused the operation to be postponed.


According to the IG, it is illegal and punishable by law to use a blue or green number plate on a private car. He stated that all district police officers have been told to conduct strict operations against fake license plates.

Following the IG’s directives, the Traffic Police started conducting spot checks on Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road in Karachi.

A recent report from ARY News claims that a speeding vehicle that was using a phoney green license plate attempted to run over a traffic police officer when it was pulled over for inspection.