Pakistani musician Ali Sethi will feature in a special video display in New York’s (NY) iconic Times Square over the Christmas holidays.

Ali Sethi broke this news on his Instagram account where he wrote, “Guess who’s gonna be featured here (NY Times Square] on 13 screens twice a day for a full week? C’est moi, that’s who! Along with a bunch of amazing artistes who collaborated with global music force DU Yun in 2019″.

Sponsored by the Beijing Century Foundation and NY’s Times Square, the Future Tradition video celebrates the genre-bending work of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun and her global collaborators.


Earlier this year, Sethi and Du Yun joined hands to create a classical work for NY’s Carnegie Hall and the Times Square display will show a portion of his performance. This will be followed by other images from Du Yun’s ouevre.

The Dil Lagaayein star in a statement said, “I feel honoured to be a part of this display, I have always believed in our musical traditions, in their power to win hearts and change minds, and I feel so proud to represent them before the world.”

The video display will run twice a day on thirteen screens from December 15th to 21st, with sixteen sightings on December 16th.