Indian singer Anuv Jain and Pakistani superstar singer Atif Aslam met after performing together in Nepal. They had a spontaneous jam session late at night. Anuv shared a photo taken after the jam on Instagram.

In the caption, Anuv recounted the night’s events, saying, “What a night! This picture was taken at 3am, right after Atif Aslam Sir and his band turned a simple BBQ dinner into the most amazing 2.5 hour long jam session for about 20 of us.” He expressed awe and appreciation, noting, “Having a legend sitting just a few feet away from me doing his thing was probably one of the craziest things that have ever happened to me. Thank you for a beautiful night, sir, and for inspiring an entire generation.”

After their performance in Kathmandu, Anuv Jain and Atif Aslam had a small gathering. They were part of a concert lineup that brought singers from India and Pakistan together. Fans of both singers loved the photo.


In January, Atif, known for his soulful voice, announced his return to Bollywood. He will sing a romantic song for the movie Love Story of 90’s. The news excited fans on both sides of the border.
The movie, produced by Haresh Sangani and Dharmesh Sangani, is directed by Amit Kasaria. It stars Adhyayan Suman and Divita Rai.

Expressing their excitement about the momentous collab, the producers shared, “We are very ecstatic as Atif Aslam has sung the very first song in our film LSO90’s. Fans of Atif Aslam will be thrilled. He is making a return in Bollywood through our film.”