One man was killed and another was wounded by gunshot after a political argument among bus passengers turned violent, reports Samaa.

The incident occurred on Sunday on the Swat Motorway near the Katlang Interchange in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to local police.
Two brothers, Waqasuddin and Rahimuddin, were traveling on a bus that was headed for Taimargirah.

Both got involved in a political argument during the bus ride. However, things got heated since neither party was willing to consider the other’s point of view.


Unidentified passengers had an altercation with Waqasuddin and Rahimuddin but other passengers, who had not participated in the debate, intervened.

However, the animosity persisted.

The police said that the suspects called their relatives who forcibly stopped the passenger bus near Katlang Interchange.
When they had both boys out of the car, they began to beat them with batons.

Rahimuddin died on the spot while Waqasuddin was hit by bullets after a suspect pulled out a gun and opened fire.
The injured person was quickly transported to the hospital for urgent medical care.