Amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza, many Pakistani celebrities, including Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan, Anoushey Ashraf, Hania Ahmed, and Fatima Bhutto, are using their social media platforms to highlight Israel’s atrocities in the strip. These public figures drew attention to the dire humanitarian conditions in Rafah, emphasizing the urgency of international intervention and support for the victims.

Celebrity advocacy for Gaza

Mahira Khan, known for her influential presence both on and off-screen, has shared emotional images and videos. One of her posts featured a heartbreaking video from Palestinian journalist Motaz Azaiza, showing the bodies of children killed by Israel. She poignantly captioned it, “How can this be the world we live in?”


Armeena Khan, a dedicated advocate for social causes, highlighted the struggles of Rafah’s residents through her Instagram stories. She expressed gratitude for her privileged position of living in safety while others suffer and shared harrowing content, stating, “Motaz’s stories destroyed my soul tonight. They look like snapshots from hell. Watch, but be mindful; it’s the sort of thing that scars you for life.” Her aim is to maintain global awareness of the crisis.

Hania Ahmed and Anoushey Ashraf also took to Instagram to spotlight the grim reality in Rafah. They stated, “Israel is burning people alive in Rafah right now. They’re counting on Americans to be too busy during this holiday weekend to pay attention to their latest massacre.”

Fatima Bhutto shared alarming statistics about the recent attacks, revealing, “Israel bombed Rafah over 60 times in 48 hours after International Court of Justice orders.” She stressed the need for relentless advocacy, captioning her post, “We should not rest till this is stopped. My heart aches.” Bhutto has consistently posted crucial information to keep her followers informed and engaged.

Bassem Youssef, an Egyptian-American comedian and television host, used his platform to draw attention to the atrocities. He reminded his followers of past misinformation and pointed to the current, documented horrors, urging the world to acknowledge and respond to the genocide in Gaza.

The collective efforts of Pakistani celebrities on social media remind us that behind our screens lie the harsh realities faced by many. Raising awareness is a powerful way to help those suffering. Israeli airstrikes killed at least 35 Palestinians and wounded dozens on Sunday in an area designated for the displaced in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, according to Palestinian health and emergency service officials. These celebrities aim to keep the world’s attention on these tragic events and encourage action.