Director Sofia Coppola and her husband singer Thomas Mars are known for being a power couple in Hollywood. The notoriously private pair have two daughters. Coppola, who is the daughter of ‘The Godfather’ director, Francis Ford Coppola, revealed in an interview that she wants her daughters to live a normal childhood without the pressures of fame.

Yesterday, Coppola’s daughter, Romy Mars, took social media by storm with a 50 second TikTok video where she revealed that her parents had grounded her after she tried to board a helicopter from New York to Maryland in order to visit her camp friend. She also further revealed her babysitter’s boyfriend in the video who was helping her make a pasta, and called them her “replacement parents”, because Coppola and Mars were never around.

Although the video has since been deleted, Twitter users are crowning Mars as “nepo baby of the year” and saying that the video was proof that the powerful storytelling capabilities of Coppola and her father are reflected through her.