A 28-year-old man in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmoodullah, has lodged a complaint against his father for not allowing him to get married. A complaint lodged by Mahmoodullah states that he is trying to avoid sinful activities but his parents do not care about him and no efforts are being made by them to get him married, BBC Urdu reports.

Mahmoodullah’s father Moin Gul was called by the police for clarification.

Moin said: “I am aware of my responsibilities towards my son but if he is disobedient and irresponsible, then how can I put someone’s daughter’s future at stake for him?”



Moin Gul said that his son is a troublemaker who sometimes takes money from him and then spends it unwisely. He told the police that his son had been arrested once.

According to DSP Asif Khan, Mahmoodullah has now promised to improve himself. His father says that if he shows responsibility, they will get Mahmoodullah married.