Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor is going to make a comeback to the big screen after taking a break from acting following the birth of her son in 2022. Pinkvilla has reported that the ‘Aisha’ actress spoke about wanting to do only two projects a year, aiming for those that appeal to family audience:

 “I’m looking to do two projects year on year from here on and I’m going to look for scripts that are hugely entertaining & engaging. I’m being drawn to subjects that appeal to a wider audience segment so that we can enjoy movies as a family, as a community.”

The actress also said she would love to do films that entertain audiences, because it brings her joy to see people forget their current reality and enjoy cinema:


“I have always loved to be a part of projects that have entertained audiences. As I return to the cinemas post pregnancy, I will endeavor to do just that because it brings me joy to see people forget about their current reality to enjoy cinema and the world that it can create for us.”

The actress had opened up in April about dealing with post-partum period in an interview with Grazia India, where she discussed the immense pressure put on moms to lose their post-delivery weight, and how it wrecks your self-confidence:

“I’m not scared of anything in that sense, ageing or anything else but I just don’t feel like myself. If I’m shooting, I send my measurements in advance, I don’t want to come back feeling like I’m not fitting into these tiny clothes, it plays a huge havoc on your self-confidence.”

Kapoor said she was taking her time and taking care of her health while breast feeding her baby, and was not following any diet plans:

“I’m not back to what I used to be and I’m not even pushing myself – I’m still breastfeeding, and I hope to continue for at least a year. Your body needs the food, rest, and energy while you’re doing that. I’m not on any crazy diet, I’m exercising – I exercised through my pregnancy – and being healthy. I took care of myself through my pregnancy and I’m going to continue doing that and not check the scales.”