Sony and Honda have formally signed a joint venture agreement to form an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing company. The new business is named “Sony Honda Mobility Inc.,” with Sony taking precedence over the proven automaker.

Honda executive Yasuhide Mizuno has been named chairman and CEO, and Sony executive vice president Izumi Kawanishi has been named president and COO.

As previously stated, the partnership will make use of “Honda’s cutting-edge environmental and safety technologies, mobility development capabilities, vehicle body manufacturing technology, and after-sales service management experience,” as well as Sony will contribute “imaging, sensing, telecommunications, network, and entertainment technologies” in the meantime.



Honda is lagging behind competitors in EV progression, with the Honda E as its only electric vehicle, but it has recently accelerated its plans. It announced a partnership with GM earlier this year to co-develop a series of affordable electric vehicles based on a global architecture and GM’s Ultium battery technology. Honda and Acura SUVs are expected to be available in North America by 2024.

Honda also announced last year that by 2040, it will have converted its entire vehicle lineup to electric and fuel-cell vehicles. It will invest $40 billion and launch 30 new electric vehicles by 2030 as part of this plan.

Meanwhile, Sony has unveiled not one, but two self-designed electric vehicles, the Vision-S EV and Vision-S 02 electric SUV. It’s unclear how Sony Honda Mobility fits into all of these plans, but we should find out more information soon.