A special course regarding animal welfare and animal rights will be introduced in schools of Islambad, Head of Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, Salman Sufi, tweeted on Saturday.

“A special course is being prepared on animal welfare that will be introduced in schools of the ICT region.” he wrote.
“Children will be introduced with compassion and humane approach towards animals so they can be better citizens,” he wrote.

Talking about the preparation of the curriculum Salaman Sufi while talking to The Current said that the curriculum is being planned by the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, and for that they are getting input from various animal rights organizations and from both public and private schools in Islamabad.


Sufi added that the course will be formalised within three to four weeks adding that the course will also include Islamic refrences to teach childern about compassion with animals.

He continued by saying that this is the worse period for animal rights and this can only be tackled through education and to teach them to not follow the lead that we are leaving behind and that will be a small contribution from Prime Minister’s strategic Reforms Unit.