Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has praised the building speed of controversial land tycoon Malik Riaz, during a televised address to his followers.

Explaining the Al-Qadir university case to his followers on Wednesday, in which the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and his wife Bushra Bibi have been accused of accepting land in return for giving Riaz £190 pounds of state money, Imran Khan called the property baron, “the biggest builder in Pakistan.”

Pointing out that Malik Riaz was already involved in Ravi City and a less-cost housing scheme, Imran Khan gave the reason for selecting the property tycoon for Al-Qadir university, a project for which Riaz gave them land and became a patron.


“I asked Malik Riaz to do this project only because he is speedy and is the biggest builder of Pakistan,” he stated.

“The work it took us 15 years to finish at NUML, Malik Riaz has finished at Al-Qadir in three years,” said Imran Khan, repeating once again that he is “the biggest builder”.

The former Premier also revealed that it was Malik Riaz who offered to “sponsor” the entire project.

Khan and his wife are both facing a probe at the National Accountability Bureau for giving Riaz £190 million, handed over by Riaz to British authorities after an investigation into “dirty money”, which were returned by United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency to Pakistan.