The #BottleCapChallenge has taken over the internet by storm. Celebrities across the world are taking the challenge hence making the trend viral. But what exactly is the #BottleCapChallenge?

Though the exact origin of the challenge is not known, The New York Times reports that videos of the challenge first circulated widely in mixed martial arts circles and the trend may have been started with Farabi Davletchin, a Kazakh Taekwondo champion. But the challenge gained momentum after Jason Statham, the action-movie star known for his martial arts prowess, posted a video of himself kicking a bottle. His 23-second Instagram post has garnered more than 17.3 million views.

The challenge involves unscrewing the cap of a bottle with a roundhouse kick without knocking the bottle over. The trick is to loosen the cap beforehand and have someone off-camera hold the bottle steady.


The challenge came into the spotlight in Pakistan after Mehwish Hayat posted a video of herself spinning the bottle cap with utmost precision.

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