Korean actors Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon who starred in a popular Netflix show, Squid Game grabbed two awards at the International Screen Actor Guild (SAG). Lee Jung Jae has won the Outstanding Performance by a male actor in a drama series while Jung Ho Yeon has grabbed the award for a female actor in a drama series. Squid Game also succeeded in winning an Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series.



This is the first time for any Korean actors and foreign drama to win the SAG awards.

While accepting his award, Jung Jae said, “Oh my. Thank you so much. This is truly huge. I wrote something, but I don’t think I can read it. Thank you so much, SAG Awards. Thank you to the global audience for all of your love for ‘Squid Game,’ and thank you ‘Squid Game’ team!”

Jung Ho Yeon got emotional when taking her first International award for Squid Game.

In her acceptance speech, she said, “First of all, thank you so much. I have been watching all of you on a big screen as an audience, dreaming to become an actor myself one day. I just want to say thank you so much and I’m so honored to be here.” 


She further added, “Thank you for making my dream (come true) and opening the door for me. Love you Squid Game team!” 

They have tough competition in their respective categories. Many popular actors and dramas were nominated against them.

Squid Game was released last year which gained attention from a global audience and remained to trend number one worldwide for several months.

Now Director Hwang Dong Hyuk of Squid Game has also confirmed two more seasons of the web series.